Here are some of my published writings.  More and more, I’m publishing in open access journals such as Loading, Fibreculture and First Monday, as I believe academic scholarship should be public.  If you’re having troubling finding anything (especially if articles are behind a pay-wall) please let me know and I’ll send you an earlier copy.

game design and development

[refereed journal] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2017). “Voodoo Software and boundary objects in game development: How developers collaborate and conflict with game engines and art tools”. New Media & Society. online first.

[refereed journal] (second author) Parker, Felan, Whitson, Jennifer R. & Simon, Bart. (2017). “Megabooth: The cultural intermediation of indie games”. New Media & Society. online first.

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[invited journal] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2013). “The Console Ship is Sinking and What this Means for Indies”. Loading… 7(11).

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surveillance studies

[book chapter] whitson, jennifer r. (forthcoming). “Foucault’s fitbit: Governance and gamification”. in the gameful world edited by Deterding S, Walz S. boston ma: mit press. (early draft copy)

[editorial] whitson, jennifer R. & Simon, Bart (2014). “Game Studies meets Surveillance Studies at the Edge of Digital CulturE”. Surveillance  & society 12(3), 309-319.

[special journal issue] Whitson J, Simon B (editors), “Special Issue on Surveillance, Games & Play”, Surveillance & Society, 12(3).

[refereed journal] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2013). “Gaming the Quantified Self“. Surveillance & Society 11(1/2).

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[government report] (co-author) Deisman, W., Derby, P., Doyle, A., Leman-Langlois, S., Lippert, R., Lyon, D., Pridmore, J., Smith, E., Walby, K., and Whitson, J. (2009) “A Report on Camera Surveillance in Canada: Part One”. Prepared for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Surveillance Camera Awareness Network (SCAN).

[magazine article] (first author) Whitson, Jennifer R. & Haggerty, Kevin. D. (2007). “Stolen Identities.” Criminal Justice Matters 68: 39 – 40.

digital governance

[refereed journal] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2010). “Rule Making and Rule Breaking: Game Development and the Governance of Emergent Behaviour”. Fibreculture, 16.

[book chapter] (first author) Whitson, Jennifer R., and Doyle, Aaron. (2008). “Second Life and Governing Deviance in Virtual Worlds”. In S. Leman-Langlois (Ed.), Technocrime: Technology, Crime, and Social Control. Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing, p. 88-111.


[tag] DiGRA 2013: What’s Happening in Game Developer Research? (2013).

[gamasutra] Beer and Diversity. (2013)

[gamasutra] Self-Censorship: Figuring out what to share and when to shut up. (2013)

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[PhD Thesis] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2012). “Game Design by Numbers: Instrumental Play and the Quantitative Shift in the Digital Game Industry”. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Design by Numbers

[MA Thesis] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2006). “Assumed Identities: Responses to Identity Theft in an Era of Information Capitalism”. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Masters Thesis