Here are some of my published writings.  More and more, I’m publishing in open access journals such as Loading, Fibreculture and First Monday, or paying the (obscene) fees to publishers like SAGE to make my articles open access as I believe academic scholarship should be public.  If you’re having troubling finding anything (especially if articles are behind a pay-wall) please let me know and I’ll send you an earlier copy.

game design and development

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surveillance studies

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digital governance

[refereed journal] Whitson, Jennifer R. (2010). “Rule Making and Rule Breaking: Game Development and the Governance of Emergent Behaviour”. Fibreculture, 16. http://sixteen.fibreculturejournal.org/rule-making-and-rule-breaking-game-development-and-the-governance-of-emergent-behaviour/

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[indiemegabooth] Measuring Indie MEGABOOTH’s Success & Impact (2015).

[gamasutra] Beer and Diversity. (2013)

[gamasutra] Self-Censorship: Figuring out what to share and when to shut up. (2013)

[gamasutra] I’m Gonna Need a Bigger Canon. (2013).


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